Mega Pari Bangladesh License

Mega Pari has several licenses in use.

Excluded Countries

License issued by the Curacao Gambling Commission confirms the legality of the operation of this bookmaker’s office and its website on the territory of a dozen countries except the USA, the Netherlands, France, the Dutch West Indies, Curacao and Australia. If you notice a violation of this requirement, you can report it to the regulatory authorities. But before you do, we recommend checking to see if the company is operating under a related license in that country.

Mega Pari has excluded areas for bets.

Waiver of Trademark Ownership

The Curaçao Gaming Commission is a regulatory body, not a gambling operator. According to the permits issued, the Commission does not own the trademarks and products of the companies it licenses. We have no financial interest in the success of the company promoting its services, nor do we own the website, domain, etc.

A Gambling Operator licensed in Curacao is committed to complying with all the laws of the country in which it provides its services. Only the management of the organization is responsible for the violation of laws and other regulations, and the function of monitoring the legality of the company falls on the law enforcement, tax, and other local authorities.

Mega Pari adheres all the rules of using the trademarks.

Print Verification System

The design of the print verification system provided on this site is a service to confirm the current operating status of the company listed in the license. All text, graphics, information materials, and other content downloaded in this system fall under the protection of copyright and trademark laws. Their use contrary to our policies is not permitted without permission.

All content is the property of the Curacao Gaming Commission and its affiliates. Proprietary rights thereto are protected by law. It is strictly forbidden to modify the information displayed by the print verification system. It is also forbidden to publicly display and distribute it for commercial purposes. For such violations, the license may be suspended or revoked.

Mega Pari has a using policy copyright.


Some of the trademarks, logos and other symbols shown in the license are marks that have or have not been officially registered by the Curacao Gambling Commission. The only exceptions are the website itself, the name of the licensed company, and the domain name.

Mega Pari has several tradeamarks.