Mega Pari Bangladesh Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the bookmaker Mega Pari Bangladesh collects, stores, protects and uses customers’ personal data. All rules, restrictions and safeguards are described in this document, and by creating an account on our website, you confirm your agreement to them. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read Mega Pari’s privacy policy before registering.

Your gambling data is safe at Mega Pari.

Personal Information

Personal information is personal information about a user by which he or she can be identified and classified as a unique visitor. The most important personal information is information about your first and last name, date of birth, and place of residence.

We use the customer information we collect through user interactions on forms, services and pages to improve the quality of our services. With this data, we can improve the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, offer players better personalized bonuses, and protect players’ accounts and balances from intruders.

The collection of personal data begins the moment a user first visits one of our website pages. From his or her device, our databases receive cookies, which contain information about the phone model, service provider, location, operating system version, etc. Subsequent data collection is done in the future when filling out forms, making payment transactions, etc.

The main purposes for using users’ personal data are several:

  • Improving the quality of services. We collect information to develop more effective marketing programs and personalize customer offers;
  • Security. In the event of a dispute, such as a hacked account, you can quickly prove ownership by providing photos of your documents;
  • Compliance with laws. In many states, one of the legal requirements becomes the collection and processing of personal data.

According to Mega Pari Bangladesh’s privacy policy, Mega Pari Bangladesh is not allowed to transfer or distribute users’ personal data to third parties. The only exception to this is in one of two cases. The first is an official request for the transfer of personal data by the law enforcement authorities in case of suspected fraud. The second is if the user receives a large payment and his name is used in promotional materials.

If you wish to withhold or completely opt-out of providing us with personal information, please send a request to support.